SHIFT&TAB – Wildensbuch

Santstrahl(sc)/ Santstrahl (mxcld) / 4randh)

Shift&Tab forms with Styptic the duo Santstrahl. Under the moniker Santstrahl they DJ together and did visuals for their own DJ Sets and later on for the cosmic-rock band Viaticum.

Together they’re hosting the radio show “For Robots And Humans” on Radio Stadtfilter once a month. The show is dedicated to electronic music from around the world, mostly music, that doesn’t really have a genre name, so they don’t even know themselves what kind of music it is and don’t care about describing it.

Shift&Tab, using the duo name Santstrahl, also did visuals for Insomania Utopia which led to the DVD/Cassette Release “Krishnamurti – Living without conflict – A Homage” on Hula Honeys Records and some concerts. He has retired from doing visuals for now, but who knows what will happen… “Wildensbuch” is inspired by Shift&Tabs childhood memories in the small village by the same name.


01 The Haxan Cloak – Mist
02 Cloaks – #00197
03 Dead Fader – Creeeeep
04 C_C – Ru-Nc-Ut
05 K (no o) – Cunt It Up
06 Bloodmouth – Testing (Vorrs Edit)
07 Dj Scotch Bonnet & Sensational – Livewire
08 Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (3:33 Remix)
09 Tenshun – Untitled
10 John Pain & Egadz – The Terror
11 Vimana Aircraft – Analytical Smile Testing
12 Odd Nosdam – Taikair
13 Matthewdavid – Cucumber Lime
14 Ganju – My Stam
15 AMB – Ice
16 El Mahdy Jr. – Phantomatik
17 Nina Georgieva – Makes Run
18 Damscray – Bug Detector
19 Mono/Poly – Black Box Matrix Death
20 Lorn – Italics
21 E/A/R/L – Instinct
22 Sluggart – Nanocreek
23 Headshotboyz – Grief
24 Styptic – Tentativeshit
25 S. Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment)