Raw Shan – Persuasive Anatopia


An autodidact, Raw Shan started reappropriating herself individual mixing techniques a few years ago and developed a unique sound selection, a fluctuating mixture of accessible and more digressive soundscapes. Now a regular performer, she still can’t have a routine, as she feels that routine kills creativity. Her personal musical journey begins with a rather radical record selection process, far from pre­selectors and having at heart to remain close and faithful to her individual taste and ideas. Raw Shan’s sound is naturally influenced by UK music culture, with strong links to acid, cosmic­ and ethereal sounds, old school electro and electronica, a hint of bass music, a touch of African beats or the occasional industrial techno. Pêle-mêle.


01 Cutkachi – La clara luz (re:st)
02 Dill – Oai, (re:st)
03 Chaperone – Cough into auditorium can’t tell me to nod now [Hero/Victim Rmx] (Great Circles)
04 Gramrcy – Space dub (FTD)
05 Bokide – Descension (Soma)
06 Inlensk – V4 (Other people)
07 Tom Liem – A liquid state (Shipwrec)
08 Mikael Seifu – Dropleton (1432 r)
09 33.10.3402 – III33 (Esp Institute)
10 Mosca – White Mice (MSM)
11 Heterocetera – Suspension (Tri Angle Records)
12 2200 – Killed by deaf (Cult Trip)
13 Moscow Death Disco – We punk ravers (Return to disorder)
14 Smackos – The countess visits the town (Berceuse heroique)
15 Ascender – Ara (ASC)
16 ILL K – Neutron (re:st)
17 The friend – HOW R U (Clan Destine Traxx)
18 The Exaltics – The wrong direction (Crème organization)
19 Headless Horseman – Road to betrayal (HDL)
20 The recognition – Myths of 96 (Skudge Records)