Piet Møbler – Dystopia

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Piet Møbler is on a venture to explore the physics of an abstract musical world. While he has already accepted the fact the he might never find the aural Theory of Everything, he still believes in finding wisdom through fathoming out the interactions of analogue waves, electric currents and solid matter. He collects his findings on vinyl records and then runs them through his machines. The resulting sonic phenomena appear warm and cold, with a sulfuric scent and an acidic touch, reminiscent of something we all have experienced in our past but forgot to remember.


01 Bit-Tuner – TJS_1.1
02 Rrose – Adrift
03 Lucy – Catch Twenty Two
04 Vactrol Park – Stars Quivering Slowly
05 Orestt – Delta
06 Black Rain – Watering Hole
07 Kangding Ray – Brume
08 Lewis Fautzi – Signal Of The Light
09 DSCRD – The Dawn (Polar Inertia Remix)
10 Adam X – Interchanges (Enter & Exit)
11 Cub – C U 1
12 Zombies in Miami – Snake Language
13 Not Waving – Head Body
14 DJ Richard – Zero