JADAH – JimbyJimb (X-Amount, Zurich/London)
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Jadah is a DJ based in Zurich and London. Since hearing Benga & Coki – Night back in 2007, Jadah fell in love with Dubstep. In 2009 he started his bedroom DJing hobby, throwing mad parties almost every weekend, which left a shared house trashed. Escaping his fun-loving-criminal life, he moved to Switzerland in Spring 2010, where he quickly sought out the Dubstep scene and made himself known by most of the local Dubstep DJs. Quickly making friends and eager to promote the genre, Big MD (X-Amount) took Jadah under his wing and gave him the motivation to become a club DJ. Playing regularly in Zurich’s top clubs, with bookings supporting the likes of Skream, Coki, Dismantle, Youngsta, J:Kenzo and many more, also playing B2B with local DJs, always progressing his skills to a higher level.


01. MJ Cole & Wiley – From The Drop
02. Icicle Together In The Dust
03. 50 Carrot – WMD
04. Pinch & Juakali Brighter Day
05. Cyrus – Manhatten Blues
06. Cyrus – Decisions
07. My Nu Leng – Masterplan ft. Fox
08. V.I.V.E.K. – Big Bang
09. Kryptic Minds – Just After Sunset
10. TKR – Reaker
11. Macabre Unit – Poseidon ft. 9er
12. TMSV – Stress
13. DJ Madd – Lightsaber (Sith mix)
14. Icicle – Need A Job
15. A$AP Rocky – Fuckin‘ Problem (Truth Remix)
16. SP:MC & LX One – Down
17. Distance – Fallen (Vex’d Remix)
18. Tigerlips – Sat In
19. Data – Knives From Heaven
20. Cluekid – Sensi Dub
21. Commodo & Lurka – Airtight
22. PhePhe – Empty Bottles
23. The Isley Brothers – Summa Breeze (Remix)
24. Subfiltronik – Da Tape
25 Roadsbeaf & Saxadelic – Grime Time

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