D\RUFFNIK – Fame Fatale Deluxe (Zurich/ Switzerland)


D\Ruffnik, you could imagine him as Vujo Gavric of Zurich’s underground bass-music scene – everybody knows him, nobody seems to like him – gives another try in selling out underground music with his newest mixtape „FAME FATALE DELUXE“.

As an early Skrillex-fan, d\ruffnik was finally convinced by Britney’s „Hold It Against Me“-release, that brostep should be his path to wealth and fame, and is eversince a pioneer for people alike. As an importer and influental distributor, he affected each and every bass-heavy music-genre since the mid-80ies. In his spare time he likes to play in squats and underground-clubs and all the other places which are to be gentrified. Whatever he touches tastes like fame.

Also, he has a huge dick.


all tunes by me thanks to voice mc, criminal egg, dr. bootox and everyone helping me do shit! check: sub_perversion

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