L.N/A – Live Mix


L.N/A started to produce electronic music in 2007 and has her roots in the local breakcorescene in Basel. On small basement partys she had her first experiences with drumachines and synthesizers. Two years later she played at Fusionfestival in Germany and had a lot live performances all around Switzerland and Europe. 2011 she moved to Berlin to produce and release an album with Subvasion. After touring around in Germany, she moved back to Switzerland and took a musical break. In 2014 she’s back with a new live-set. The one you’re listening at bassmusik.ch is a newer version of her set performed in 2015.

„With spherical sounds she takes you on a wild ride. What first seems so light and calm turns into catchy beats. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes melodiously thae whole thing comes to a ecstatic drum’n’bass / techno mix.“