LCP – Callis Wold

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Lcp is part of the radio show for experimental music „Unerhörtes – ungehörtes“ on Radio RaBe, the promoter collective r3s3t, one half of Mism Records and owner of Luana Records.

He’s tracking down anything from rawest breaks to subtle dubs and is also playing the gems out here and there. The latter was main focus for this mix, which consists of creaking conceptional prettiness, sometimes breaking out to bordering sonic fields of bass oriented music.

If „Callis Wold“ appears a little outlandish at first, it might take some time to see what is pointed out. There is also some music out there produced by Lcp, it’s rather hard to find though. Maybe more will follow at some point, but time is a rare thing and there is so much slaying material in existence already, waiting for us to discover.


01 The Haxan Cloak – Consumed *
02 Akkord – Undertow
03 Synth Sense – Broken Parallels
04 Oberman Knocks – Cammerton Pull Creep
05 Klaus – Pim
06 Kiyoko – Track 3
07 Burial – [Interlude] 08 Re-Lay – Fielding Chase
09 Klaus – Strafe
10 Unknown – #006
11 Oceania – You Live In Me
12 Ilkae – Lopsided
13 Downliners Sekt – Negative Green
14 Unknown – #002
15 Synkro – Illuminations
16 Kiyoko – Something To Think About
17 Sam Kdc – Downpour
18 Asc & Sam Kdc – Cold Spot
* cutted out due to copyright protected content.