LA BOMBE – Until Death


DJ La Bombe is on a mission: he brings music with a certain mood and depth to those who are here to listen. He developed his style and musical language as a resident at Zurich’s legendary concert series “Somewhere between an experimental Hip Hop Night” alongside forward thinking heavyweight indie-acts like Themselves, Sole, 2Mex, Awol One, Bleubird or Oddateee and as an opener for acts like Dälek (Palace, St. Gallen) or Jel (Zukunft, Zürich): it’s somewhere between – as you’d guess. Dub influenced Hip Hop, Bass injected Dubstep, industrial sounding Electronica coming straight from the darkest woofers of the world.

DJ La Bombe builds a dense atmosphere, combining like-minded tracks from various genres in his sets, adding flares, drones and cuts here and there. In his mixtapes “Punk ain’t dead, it just changed” and “Weapons of Bassdestruction”, he takes his listeners on a breathlessly crackling journey to the core of a musical mindset: so-called independent Hip Hop here, so-called Dubstep there – with a single, yet significant difference in depth.

So far, there’s has only been one chance to get a hold of La Bombe as a producer: he contributet a remix to Göldin & Bit-Tuner’s Remix Album “Fantasy is Dubbed” in 2009. La Bombe’s “Key to the Universe (La Clé)”-Remix is a masterpiece of electronic, symphonic music – and it’s the soundtrack of the apocalypse: splintered drums, sub bass and wide open pads unhinge the universe. A first release that lets connoisseurs crave for more.


01 Michael Mayer – Sully (Wolfgang Voigt Mix) – PopAmbient 2013 – Kompakt
02 Desiderii Margins – STalkinghorse – Kaosthetik
03 JohnSpencerBluesExplosion – Bacon (Dub) Schluss – TechnoAnimal Remixes – Mute
04 Admx-71 – South 4st Connection – Second System – Sonicgroovex
05 Apparat – 44 – Krieg und Frieden – Stumm352
06 Apparat – 44 (noiseversion) – Krieg und Frieden – Stumm352
07 Burial HEx – Beat Heart – von archives
08 The Bug – Gun version – Rephlex
09 Techno Animal – Dimensional Stereo – Demonoid – City Slang
10 Bit-Tuner – Roll Roll – Drome EP – Trepok
11 Burial HEx – Beat Heart – von archives
12 S_w_z_k – Elsenstr. 171 – S_w_z_k – Tresor
13 oOoOO – Sirens – Without Your Love ? – Nihjgt Feelings

NINO R.I.P 1978–2013