KUNO – present perfect progressive


German half Italian producer, DJ and dancer. At the age of 9 years he began to take Hip-Hop dance lessons, where he had his first musical contact.
Kuno’s love for dance and the music grew throughout the years, and raked him several national and international awards in. His musicality refined, as he was ready to broaden his musical horizon.

At the age of 15 he started listening to electronic music, although it took him a while to get used to it. But falling into the club scene made him find his love for House- & Techno music.
Kuno started DJing for friends at house parties and the audience reactions he got were very positive. Soon the word was spread and he got invited to bigger Parties and local Bar’s. His skills improved and his popularity grew.

It was the UK-based “bass” music that made him want to produce his own music. Since January 2012 he is producing and mastering his craft day by day.

Things got more serious when Toulouse based artist “Lobot’s Head” requested Kuno to do a feature with him. That was a turning point in his young career. Ever since then he has been getting more and more credit from musicians and labels for his work, and he just had his first EP-release on Diamante Records.


01 Lukid – Manchester
02 Stabber – Huh! (Randomer RMX)
03 Clouds – Krafterah
04 Sei A – Flux (Martyn’s Electromagnetic Mix)
05 Dadub – Life (Rrose Remix)
06 Henzel & Disco Nova – Hynotize Minds (NT89 Remix)
07 Trade – I Notice You All
08 Logotech – Schraubenschluessel (Original Mix)
09 Lakker – Breath
10 Kuno – Panoraa
11 Bodhi – Culture (Bambounou Remix)
12 Visionist – Circles
13 Objekt – Shuttered

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