JOLLY – Country and Ghosts

soundcloud / Kashev Tapes

‘I live in a small town, surrounded by ghosts and violent entities. My affinity for conscious techno and atmosphere has led me to dive into rituals, trance and rave. Phenomena caught on tape; transforming my environment into a graveyard of sound.
Living with these ghosts, collecting their history, supplementing and insuring continued contribution with the music I play. Society is a hole of experiments and sonic warfare. Everyday, performing ourselves, playing in rhythm, —I am not the subject.
These relics fill the room, the situation and the collective state of mind.Everything in this graveyard small town is a spectacle. In times of self-promotion, using dance as a psychological process before the living realize that the self-construct will implode.
I argue with frequencies and agitate with atmosphere. My music is their language.’


01 J̷̍̓͜Õ̴͏̵L̷̿͛ͯ̀̌͐̂LY̏͂͘͟ – Viet.
02 Florian Kupfer – Unfinished (TCLR017)
03 Lucy and Klock – A Ghost Lovestory (SAO24)
04 D. Towärds – mF (with Nissan Groove) (Oblast)
05 неизвестен – følelsen av tilstedeværelse (Oblast)
06 S Olbricht – Gesnaria (LT022)
07 YancityGurl – Thou Shalt Not Forget (Ur Social Status Resistance)
08 Shady P – Geniterrareum (HTK004)
09 J̷̍̓͜Õ̴͏̵L̷̿͛ͯ̀̌͐̂LY̏͂͘͟ – vx13.
10 Luciano Lamanna & Daniele Cosmo – The Darkest Hour (LUX023)
11 Umwelt – Delusive Reality (ROD06)
12 TAFKAMP – I Laf You (Paling003)
13 Nikolajev – Live Cut (Mutant Disco) (CC-003)
14 Mall Grab – Black Palms (UTTU063)
15 Fishermen – Serpents (Cut Hands Remix) (SKUDGE-WR01)
16 Tzusing – Face Of Electric (LIES082)
17 Dungeon Acid – Acid Girl (WRECKS007)
18 Echo 106 – Blackness (LUX023)
20 J̷̍̓͜Õ̴͏̵L̷̿͛ͯ̀̌͐̂LY̏͂͘͟ – Myan.