GUYUS – Viper


Guyus is a DJ, Promoter and Vinyl Collector based in Zürich. After starting to DJ with some drum’n’bass and jungle he got hooked to early dubstep & grime at his local record store and has since spent lots of his time keeping up with these sounds.

As part of Dubexmachina and earlier Dubaholics, he’s co-organized numerous nights over the years in Zürich and Basel, hosting artists such as Mala, Kode9, Pearson Sound, Pinch, Distance, Shackleton and many more. He’s also been DJing at clubs and festivals all over Switzerland and even had the chance to spin at a few foreign gigs, such as GetdarkerTV and Fusion Festival.

Today Guyus plays a much bigger range of styles and BPMs but remains focused on bass music in general, fascinated by its power, meditativeness, rawness, reductionism and diversity. Viper is a selection of dubstep, grime & bass music, somewhere between dark and colourful, warm and cold, old and new, roots-heavy and futuristic. It’s also a very poisonous snake.


01 Logos – Kowloon
02 Dub war – To the Depths
03 Bandshell – Nice Mullet
04 Distance – Feel Me
05 Commodo – Straight Reptilian
06 Sly One – Warm Red (Addison Groove Remix)
07 Burial – Southern Comfort
08 Beneath – Still Hurts
09 L-Vis 1990 – Ballad
10 Special Request – Stone Cold
11 Lil Silva – Mask
12 Pinch & Roska – Shoulda Rolla
13 Dro Carey – Night Raid
14 Mala – Maintain Thru Madness
15 Vex’d – Fire
16 Boofy – Since When
17 Peverelist & Appleblim – Circling
18 Gantz – Siyam
19 Jus Wan – Action Potential