D\RUFFNIK – Fame Fatale Deluxe


D\Ruffnik, you could imagine him as Vujo Gavric of Zurich’s underground bass-music scene – everybody knows him, nobody seems to like him – gives another try in selling out underground music with his newest mixtape „FAME FATALE DELUXE“.

As an early Skrillex-fan, d\ruffnik was finally convinced by Britney’s „Hold It Against Me“-release, that brostep should be his path to wealth and fame, and is eversince a pioneer for people alike. As an importer and influental distributor, he affected each and every bass-heavy music-genre since the mid-80ies. In his spare time he likes to play in squats and underground-clubs and all the other places which are to be gentrified. Whatever he touches tastes like fame.


all tunes by me thanks to voice mc, criminal egg, dr. bootox and everyone helping me do shit! check: sub_perversion

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