Statement from Dec 28th, 2018

About 6 years ago, in 2012 the first bassmusik mix was uploaded by Uhuruku. After that, for 5 years I intensely and with a lot of passion searched for interesting individuals to share their music taste with you. Now is the time to complete this project – officially. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It was an incredibly exciting time for me and I’m glad to look back on the project now. has become a beautiful archive of a very interesting time.49 mixes over 60h of quality material form and around Switzerland – also to mention the countless clicks and likes. Thank you!

Over these five years, out of conviction, I financed everything by myself. Just hosting the mixes on SoundCloud has cost me over 600 CHF for the past 5 years. Not to mention the countless hours of website maintenance, omfg!

I invested a lot of passion and energy in this project. I wrote bio’s for artists (some of them did not even exist) and collected their tracklists. tried to bring artist and promoter together, push the scene and support new comers – especially female artists. some of the people I asked years ago have become established artists. It’s nice to see that I’m still in contact with many or collaborating with them. From some I have not heard since then. but do not hesitate to contact me if you are reading this post :) I am interested in knowing where you are now.

Anyway, I set up a paypal account for donations. If you want to support me in this way or another, I would be very grateful. It is more about a symbolic gesture than the money. As I said, I did everything out of passion. And btw, I’m up for new projects with fresh ideas and a tons of motivation. I’ll keep you updated if you want.

Please note that all mixes on Soundcloud are online until the end of January 2019. So also use their downnload function. After that, all mixes will only be playable on Mixcloud. The website will be on. check out again all mixes – they are all treasures, share them – tell others. and keep them in memory for ever.

once again a big thank you.
your milo aka schlimmrfingr


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