CUTKACHI – Dungeon Sessions


cutkachi is a producer, dj and a promoter of dubtopia, an established soundsystem-night from switzerland. dubtopia is well-known for its pure-vibez & eyes down mentality and the strict vinyl and acetate attitude. no hype, no hate! there you get the honor to listen to unheard dubplates from cutkachi an his partner-in-crime phrex.

2006 just before dubstep came to him, cutkachi lived as an street-artist in different cities of latin america. by day the artisano was into arts and music but as soon as the moon rised, cutkachi devoted himself to his freak-shows, putting the audience in fear and astonishment.

just like that he juggles skillfully with clear samples, rhythmical drums and hard-hitting basslines. meditate with him and you will look deep inside of cutkachi. when the dark is no more dark but just an expression of pure life experience. then the metaphysics is getting real.

night after night you get a puzzle piece more from him. but cutkachi is and will always remain unsolved.


01 Cutkachi – Untitled
02 Quantum Soul – Rolling Thunder
03 Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
04 Biome – Quasar
05 LAS – Zone of Bones
06 Killawatt – Mystic Vocation
07 Alix Perez feat. Foreign Beggars – Ldn
08 Alix Perez – Untitled
09 Subreachers – Left hand path
10 Amit – Acid trip
11 Amit – Don’t forget you
12 Disonata & Klax – Lost souls
13 Kaiju – Close Break
14 Wayfarer – Shaman
15 Truth feat. Yayne – I belong
16 Quantum Soul – Underworld
17 Ruckspin & Planas – Oxygen
18 Sleeper – Systema
19 Synkro & Dom HZ – Dub Dicipline