Bit-Tuner – Antenna

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Bit-Tuner is a producer, composer and dj from St. Gallen who currently lives and works in Zurich. He’s been producing electronic music with computers, mpcs, synthesizers, bass guitars and a fleet of analogue effect gear. He has a fondness for samples from old records, movies and has also been discovering field recording lately. Bit-Tuner works with heavy beats, blown up bass sounds, gloomy athmospheres, acid-driven melodies and uproaring soundscapes. His musical field of expression reaches from Hip Hop Beats to Electronica, Noise, Theatre Productions and Film Soundtracks. In his energy-driven concerts, Bit-Tuner oscillates between Bass Music, Electronica and Techno, while he pulls his tracks together to become a gloomy, but still euphoric bass monster.


01 Bit-Tuner – In The Small Hours (-OUS)
02 Mr. Mitch – Phantom Prophet (Planet Mu)
03 Loom – Tracksuit (Gobstopper)
04 Antwood – Spirit Fabric (Planet Mu)
05 Rabit – Straps (Tri Angle)
06 Fis – Speech Spirits (Loopy)
07 Pan Sonic – Telakoe (Mute)
08 Norbert Möslang – bl_2 (For 4 Ears)
09 The Haxan Cloak – Excavation (Part 2) (Tri Angle)
10 Traxman – Unstoppable (Duck N’ Cover)
11 Hvad – Bleeding Grey Wall (Halcyon Veil)
12 ADR – Money Shot (PAN)
13 Amnesia Scanner – AS Gardens Need Walls (Young Turks)
14 Ital Tek – Redeemer (Planet Mu)
15 Silk Road Assassins – Defect (Planet Mu)
16 Sami Baha – Mavericks One (Planet Mu)
17 Antwood – Prototype HA (Planet Mu)
18 Ash Koosha – Mudafossil (Ninja Tune)
19 Demdike Stare – Of Decay & Shadows (Modern Love)
20 Why Be – Whalin (Kyselina OST) (Halcyon Veil)
21 Bit-Tuner – TJS_1.1 (Hula Bytes)