Askemwhy – Palimpsest

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Askemwhy is a Geneva based DJ. In his very begining he was spinning dubstep whether on local venues or festivals situated in the French part of Switzerland. Techno-influenced bass music, grime and DnB are becoming also a part of his repertoire as he developed his unique style. He describes his mix as a «stacking of musical layers from different cultures, times and places, overlapping and blending with each other at the same time and location, resulting in a semi-coherent and contrasted urban landscape inside of which the listener is enabled to travel in a ubiquitous way.» A selection of techno bits, cold futuristic grime, some grainy electronica and ketamine-fueled dubstep forms that musical pot-pourri.


01 Autechre – Cipater [Warp Records] 02 Parris – Bloom [Berceuse Heroique] 03 Otis Ango – Deadline Too Short [Unreleased] 04 South London Ordnance – Pale Skin (Ft. Femme En Fourrure) [Aery Metals] 05 Kowton – Comments Off [Livity Sounds] 06 Paleman – Yrs Ago [Swamp 81] 07 Mort – Rugged [Bunk Audio] 08 Batu – Ghosted [Tempa] 09 Kouslin – Suga’s Drums [MDNGHT Records] 10 Akito – Degrade Gracefully [Tight Knit Records] 11 Acre – Love [Tectonic] 12 La Vie C’est Facile x Mike Waulie – Hatanas
13 Kowton vs Kelly Twins – Bench Dog
14 Wen – Gravity Flux [Soundman Chronicles] 15 Alex Coulton – Ambush [Tempa] 16 Emma – Light Years [Hyperdub] 17 Pinch – Brighter Day (Instrumental) [Tectonic] 18 Instra:mental – Rift Zone [Nonplus Records] 19 Orson – 808 Dub [Version] 20 Pinch – Motion Sickness [Tempa] 21 Skream – Untitled [Tempa]