ASIC – Tapapentaprism

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These tiny little chips, Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, that ASIC lends his name from can be understood as miniature city maps. Listening to ASIC’s music, one enters urban canyons called Bass, Beat, Poststep, Glo-Fi and Techno.

ASIC constantly expands the borders of his setup, understanding it as an open instrument. He modulates and molders his sounds, beat structures and athmospheric figures endlessly. Thus, ASIC’s musical journey can hardly be anticipated.
ASIC creates his music out of the moment and his tracks are rooted in live sessions. ASIC moves through soft, harsh or wild city scapes that are ever evolving, temptingly rough and delicate at the same time. A night time walk with this city’s soundtrack is a journey full of surprises and twists. While skyline is of mere architectural beauty, the surfaces are full of mechanical decay and organic growth. Moody sounds can be lurking behind every corner.

Coming from his year-long performing routine, ASIC has recorded two EPs that are being released via Hula Honeys and sub_perversion simultaneously. While the TAPA EP on explores the deeper Poststep influences, the PENTAPRISM EP on Hula Honeys opens the musical spectrum towards Glitch-Hop, Techno and Bass.
Both releases are available as digital downloads. The releases are accompanied by PDF-Files that can be laser cutted on arbitrary material, similar to a vinyl record. The necessary script was developed and written by Amanda Ghassaei. Both the music and the script are licensed under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA).